Elderberry Syrup – Immunity Boost You Can Get in 2 Days or Less

How quickly do you want it need it? We’ve built a list of 5 ways that you can find Elderberry Syrup, each with their own speed and cost. Get the Elderberry Syrup Immunity Boost you are looking for in 2 days or less.

  1. Find Local Makers
  2. Buy In A Retail Store
  3. Make Your Own
  4. Order Via Amazon Prime
  5. Order Online From A Local Maker

Find Local Makers

How do you find where to buy local Elderberry Syrup? We’re talking homemade, small batch, hand crafted – not that “corporate” stuff (as Seinfeld would say, “not that there’s anything wrong with that”). This isn’t 1920’s prohibition era, but buying Elderberry Syrup for the first time often makes you feel like you are entering a secret black market world. PSST – got some of that better berry? Knock twice and give the pass word. There is a hidden world of people who sell it locally – there could be someone selling it down the street and you have no idea. How do you find them? People usually learn about Elderberry via word of mouth. Moms are especially influential to try different things to keep us healthy. Facebook mom groups are known to share their local favorites for lots of products and services and this is one they have driven mainstream.


BeWelderberry Syrup and Sevin's Organic Elderberry Syrup - local in Atlanta
BeWelderberry Syrup and Sevin’s Organic Elderberry Syrup – local in Atlanta

Buy In A Retail Store

The good news is that Elderberry Syrup has gone mainstream. There are “corporate” brands from trusted providers of other health & wellness products you probably already buy. The bad news – or at least no news, is that there is not any research that says the “corporate” is any less effective than locally made – but oh yes, there are differences.

Why is local Elderberry syrup better? Taste and how long it lasts.

Most local homemade elderberry syrup is made with honey, which means it can’t be stored at room temperature. If you’ve never tasted it before, or had the ability to do a taste test, you might not know what you are missing. Corporate syrup tastes more medicinal. Homemade elderberry syrup is just more “drinkable” – I’m sure due to the honey but also the overall balance of flavors thanks to ginger, cinnamon and whatever else local makers have used to differentiate their flavors.

I’ll work on a most exhaustive list of national retailers that carry Elderberry Syrup, but the usual suspects are there, and you should look in the health & wellness aisles – often near cold & cough medicines. Walmart and Target have the most popular national brands, while Whole Foods has a wider assortment of regional and premium brands.

DIY / Make Your Own

What does baking brownies have to do with making elderberry syrup? Besides being a great pairing :), if you can follow a recipe you can make elderberry syrup at home. It isn’t rocket science. There’s a big but though. If you’ve done any research, you do know that you need to be careful. Don’t eat raw or dried elderberries – they need to be boiled / cooked before you can use them in syrup. If you’ve got all the ingredients on hand you’re looking at anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the preparation. Since most of us don’t keep elderberries in the pantry, you’ve got to source them.

If you don’t have hunter & gatherer tendencies, you can still make your own. You just need to buy a kit for the easy way to learn how to make elderberry syrup. Even if you are intimidated by the idea, there is a huge benefit to having all the ingredients in one simple package that comes with instructions.



Order Via Amazon Prime For Elderberry Syrup Immunity Boost In 2 Days Or Less

Similar to buying Elderberry Syrup in a local retail store, you can buy some of that same “corporate” syrup in the world’s largest online store – Amazon.com. And if you have a Prime membership, it’s hard to beat the speed to your door. There are tons of choices of “corporate” syrup available on Amazon. Combine that with Amazon Prime, and you can get your Elderberry Syrup immunity boost in 1-2 days with free shipping from a trusted provider.


Sample of the overwhelming assortment of Elderberry Syrup on Amazon - note most is "corporate" syrup and not local / small batch made.
Sample of the overwhelming assortment of Elderberry Syrup on Amazon – note most is “corporate” syrup and not local / small batch made.

Order Online From A Local Maker

Elderberry syrup is available from many other sellers beyond Amazon – from large retailers like Walmart and Target, to some of the same local homemade providers that are willing and able to ship. Now one catch – if it is homemade syrup you are buying online, you really want it to stay cold, which increases the cost and difficulty of shipping. If it doesn’t have to be kept cold, it might not be made with honey, which quite honestly means it probably won’t taste as good.


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